Island Business Print Group Ltd is a locally owned Vancouver Island company providing businesses with print and promotional products since 1958.

Is the art of customer service dead?
Deceased? Dearly departed?

Unlike many online companies, our representatives will travel to clients offices to discuss their specific needs with samples or meet them in either of our showrooms in Victoria and Nanaimo.

In addition to all of that… we’re just nice people to deal with!  While a warm smile and a handshake may not mean much to some in the business world anymore, to us, it’s still the way business should be done; symbolic of trust, reliability, and honesty.

Some things never go out of style! 

You’re Why We’re Here…

Seriously, though, YOU are why we’re here,
still going strong — our amazing customers.
And our customers to be? We can’t wait to meet you!

When you walk your fine self into our showroom, we want you to feel like a part of our family — but without the crazy relatives at the holidays! Because from concept to completion of your project, our team is dedicated to treating you with the utmost respect, providing you the best product possible, and working hard to fulfill your business needs – all under one roof.

  • Need professional, polished printing?
    We do that.
  • Need phenomenal promotional products to give your brand panache?
    We do that.
  • Need business printing expertise, design, and execution?
    Yes, we do that too!
  • Massage your shoulders and sweetly serenade you?
    Ahh, noThat would be weird. 

Besides, we’ll be too busy helping you rocket your business into the realm of extraordinary.